14th April, 2022 by Caroline Kahiu. From Movendi International

Pink, glitter, “mummy juice” or “wine o’clock” time… alcohol selling strategies that can be patronizing and damaging have proliferated in recent years. The alcohol industry has shifted from using women to sell alcohol to men, to using feminine and feminist signals to sell alcohol to women.

We are now witnessing a shift in the culture of women’s alcohol use driven by targeted alcohol marketing.

In fact, alcohol marketing tries to develop and market products that appeal to women’s tastes and lifestyle choices. However, what they sponsor is focused on being slim, on weight, pink packages and low calories.

Although the focus is on such topics, the percentage of women who became addicted to booze and suffer from ill effects of alcohol has risen.

This also happens because the female body breaks down and digests alcohol more slowly before it circulates in their blood system and brain.

Given there’s an enzyme in the stomach called alcohol dehydrogenase that breaks down alcohol before it enters the bloodstream, women are at a greater risk to suffer from liver damage and to experience other adverse effects of alcohol more quickly compared to men.

Alcohol use prevention, public health bodies and advocates have flagged out the fact that more women are using alcohol as well as a rise in female binge alcohol use and alcohol related deaths. Yet it is not clear their message is being heard amid a barrage of female oriented alcohol advertising.

Find the full article here: https://movendi.ngo/blog/2022/04/14/tricks-or-truth-feminization-of-alcohol-advertising/ .

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