19th July 2022 by Daniel Jones. From Stir, University of Stirling

New research from the University of Stirling has highlighted the significant impact that alcohol packaging has on capturing the attention of, and creating appeal amongst, young people.

Additionally, the research found that packaging helps to shape perceptions of the product, drinker and drinking experience.

Thanks to the specificity of the research focusing on packaging itself, the findings show that the attention of young adults’ drinkers in Scotland is captured from alcohol packaging, that creates appeal and helps to shape perceptions of the product, the drinker and drinking experience.

What mainly emerged from the research are five key themes:

  •  the ubiquity of the alcohol packaging
  •  the appeal and the ability to catch attention
  •  the association with particular occasions and activities
  •  the ability to inform perceptions
  •  the engagement of both visual and non-visual senses (taste, touch, sound and smell).
  • Also, participants report recalling the packaging featured in the media, such as on television.


To know more about the study, click here: https://www.stir.ac.uk/news/2022/july-2022-news/study-reveals-impact-of-alcohol-packaging-on-young-people/ .

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