27th June 2022 by Movendi International

The Irish government has initiated the process to place health warning labels on all alcohol products. 

When coming into effect, the new labeling regulations will ensure that no alcohol product can be sold without bearing a warning that informs the public that:

– drinking alcohol causes liver diseases

– displays a health symbol intended to inform the public of the danger of alcohol consumption when pregnant

– there is a direct link between alcohol and fatal cancers

Additionally, alcohol bottles with labels will also contain a link to the public health alcohol information website ‘askaboutalcohol.ie’.

With this new regulation, the Irish government aims at reducing alcohol consumption in the country given that Irish people consume high levels of alcohol. For instance,

  • 66% of Irish people have consumed alcohol in the previous six months, including 70% of those aged 15 to 24 years and 68% of men most likely to do so.
  • 37% of the population aged 15 years and older use alcohol at least once a week.
  • Meanwhile, 15% of the population – 22% of alcohol use – engage in binge alcohol consumption on a typical alcohol use occasion.
  • 60% of 17 years old Irish children have been intoxicated with alcohol  

The Irish government must be prepared for any possible opposition from EU member states to the new alcohol health warning labeling regulations.


To read the full article click on the following link: https://movendi.ngo/news/2022/06/27/ireland-initiates-process-to-place-cancer-warning-labels-on-alcohol/.



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