Gabrielli, J., Brennan, Z. L. B., Stoolmiller, M., Jackson, K. M., Tanski, S. E., & McClure, C. (2019). A new recall of alcohol marketing scale for youth: measurement      properties and associations with youth drinking status. Journal of Studies on Alcohol      and Drugs, 80(5), 563-571.

Objective: Adolescents are exposed to alcohol marketing through traditional advertising and through newer digital media chan- nels. Cumulative marketing exposure across channels is of concern but has been insufficiently studied. This study explores the measurement of alcohol marketing exposure across channels and whether cumulative recalled exposure is independently associated with underage drinking.

Method: Two hundred two New England adolescents (ages 12–17 years) were recruited from a general pediatrics clinic and completed an online survey. Recall of alcohol marketing across channels (e.g., Internet, magazines) was assessed, along with drinking behavior and relevant covariates (i.e., demographics, parental/peer drinking, smok- ing status, sensation seeking, Internet use, social media use, television use, and parental Internet monitoring). Confirmatory factor analysis was used to establish a latent construct of alcohol marketing exposure recall. Logistic regression tested associations between alcohol marketing recall and adolescent drinking, with covariates controlled for.

ResultsAdolescents reported recall of alcohol marketing across all marketing channels. Alcohol marketing recall items were significantly correlated, with α = .83. The latent measurement model of alcohol marketing recall provided excellent fit to the data, χ2(17, n = 202) = 27.402, p = .052; root mean square error of approximation (.000–.092) = .055; Tucker–Lewis Index = .960; comparative fit index = .976; standardized root mean square residual = .037). Adjusted cross-sectional logistic regression analyses demonstrated that the latent alcohol marketing recall construct was significantly associated with underage drinking (adjusted odds ratio = 4.08, 95% CI [1.15, 14.46]) when relevant covariates were accounted for.

Conclusions: The final measurement model provided support for construct validity of a novel alcohol marketing recall construct assessing cumulative cross-channel marketing exposure. Adolescent recall of alco- hol marketing across channels was significantly associated with underage drinking, while associated factors such as peer/parental drinking were accounted for. 


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