By Maynar Maddie, 24 January 2022. From The Grocer. 

A series of gins have been launched this past month positioned to reduce alcohol consumption. The intensely flavoured, high-strenght gin designed to be served in small measures is the new trend emerging from Dry January. 

The aim of this new marketing move is that of reducing the quantity of alcohol instead of cutting it completely, as Dry January encourages to do. 

The head distiller at Adnams, the southwold company, says, “the trend for low & no is here to stay so we must continue to look for ways to build on quality choices for our loyal customers”. He continues:”the little gin that is big on taste”, Smidgin, “is intended to create a low-alcohol serve with an impressively intense flavour”. 

With only 2.5 ml of gin, you can create the same taste as a normal gin & tonic. 

Similarly, Inginious, a 43% spirit is created to deliver 10 times the flavour concentration for a double gin tonic with only 5 ml. The promise is “a familiar gin and tonic taste experience” with 0.2 units of alcohol per serve. 

A third brand, Quarter Gin, “created to empower and inspire consumers with more choice and flexibility whilst drinking socially and professionally”. The gin contains 12% abv, similar to a glass of wine. 


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