Atkinson, A. M., Meadows, B. R., Emslie, C., Lyons, A., & Sumnall, H. R. (2022). ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Girl Power’: An analysis of the targeting and representation of women in alcohol brand marketing on Facebook and Instagram. International Journal of Drug Policy, 101, 1-12. 10.1016/j.drugpo.2021.103547

A new study analyses how women are targeted and represented in alcohol brand marketing on Facebook and Instagram.







Through a quantitative and qualitative thematic analysis of alcohol marketing posts by 20 alcohol brands on Facebook and Instagram pages oner an 18 month period, marketing strategies were identified as well as the ways posts target, represent and engage with women.

It was concluded that alcohol brand marketing encourages alcohol use to women through both perpetuating and challenging gender stereotypes. Claims by brands of a commitment to equality are at odds with the harms related to alcohol consumption that contribute to the widening of health and social inequalities. It is important that future work on women’s drinking and alcohol marketing is situated within the shifting social-political climate in which traditional, post-feminist and new fourth wave feminist rhetoric and femininities co-exist.


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