November 28th, 2021 by Sean Murray. From Irish Examiner

The Department of Health has confirmed further sections of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act are to take effect from next years.

These sections regard alcohol labelling. More specifically, it is discussed on putting health

warnings on alcohol labels and limit the advertising of alcohol.

A new measure will allow the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to voice concern it has over the granting or renewal of licensing applications.

Two sections (12 and 13) would be about becoming against the law to sell an alcohol product where the container does not have various warnings on the label. Also, it would imply that advertisements carry similar warning to the ones prescribed for labels. These sections allow for more control on behalf of ministers but they also need assessment through the European Commission before they can come into operation.

Alcohol Action Ireland, which supports the legislation, said that it was clear that sections of this bill had already faced European scrutiny twice.

A spokesperson said: “What is less certain is why it has taken the Irish government, over three years (1,136 days) now to draft the relatively simple regulations required [to enact these parts of the legislation”.

“Alcohol Action want to see all outstanding measures commenced immediately, as the primary objectives of the Act – reducing whole-of-population alcohol use and protecting children from exposure to alcohol marketing – cannot be full realised without coherent implementation.” 


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