18th October 2021 by Ciarán Markey & Darragh Killen. From LK Shields

New restrictions targeting alcohol ads are coming into force in Ireland on 12th November 2021.

Additional sections of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018, that aims at controlling use and misuse of alcohol through advertising, marketing and sponsorship regulations, will enter into force.

Section 15(1) prohibits the advertisement of alcohol products in or on a sports area during sport. With the exception, for instance, of wearing clothes containing the name, trademark or logo of a alcohol brand product when the event is not primarily aimed at children.

With the new restrictions, this could be considered an offence for which there are penalties that reach up to 250,000€ and/or up to three years imprisonment.

However, in France, because of the Loi Évin, alcohol brands found their ways to creatively market their products through alibi marketing techniques. For instance, alcohol brand names use slogans associated with the brand, like
Carslberg did with the “Probably” slogan during the Euro 2016 football championship.

This will raise questions as to how alcohol brands in Ireland will react to this.

To read the news cle click on the following link: https://www.lkshields.ie/news-insights/news/new-restrictions-on-alcohol-advertising-during-sporting-events.

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