Morning STAR , August 26 2021

MINISTERS must do more to limit young people’s exposure to alcohol advertising, campaigners demanded today.

The Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA) urged the government to bring in “comprehensive marketing restrictions” online and off to protect children from the impact of drinks adverts.

A poll earlier this year found more than two-thirds (77 per cent) of people would support greater controls on alcohol ads, while 57 per cent would back a ban on drinks marketing ban in public spaces such as streets, parks and public transport.

In June, ministers announced heavier online restrictions and a 9pm television watershed for junk food ads, but the AHA said that alcohol advertising should also be included.

Alliance chairman Professor Sir Ian Gilmore (photo) said: “We are constantly bombarded with alcohol advertising, both online and in the real world — and so are our children.

“The government must now introduce comprehensive marketing restrictions in both real world and digital spaces to ensure that children are protected from harm.”

A government spokesman claimed that ministers would continue to work with advertising bosses to address concerns over “irresponsible” alcohol marketing.

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