Alcohol Action NZ is pleased to advise of a pivotal conference being held on Wednesday 18th August at the Wharewaka Function Centre, Wellington, featuring four outstanding keynote speakers: Professor Jennie Connor, Rāwiri Ratū, Sir Graham Lowe and Nicky Hager.

The theme of the conference, Public health action on alcohol – the 5+ Solution, comes at a time when there is a change occurring in New Zealand. The public are better understanding the importance of taking a population-based approach to dealing with major health problems, in this instance New Zealand’s damaging drinking culture.

New Zealanders have a right to be protected from the considerable harm alcohol causes. The government’s upcoming health reforms featuring a Public Health Agency, a national public health service, and a Māori Health Authority reflect the shift that is taking place to ensure better response to threats to public health.

Professor Connor comments: “Successive governments have failed us by taking an unprincipled and ad hoc approach to alcohol policy for more than 30 years. They have put commercial and political interests ahead of the rights and wellbeing of New Zealanders, despite high levels of public support for change”.

“Health, equity and economic gains will follow from adoption of proven strategies to reduce alcohol consumption and harm, as have been recommended by several major reviews and government enquiries in New Zealand, and the World Health Organisation”.

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