Golder, Garry & McCambridge (2020). Declared funding and authorship by alcohol industry actors in the scientific literature: a bibliometric study.

A new study investigates the extent and type of scientific research done in 100 years (1918-2019). Why? Because alcohol industry actors are known to be involved in scientific research, but there is no coverage about this research.

Every research paper needs to declare conflict of interests. This is why to conduct this investigation, the researchers identified bibliographic records from the Web of Science (a database), and suite of databases which have named alcohol companies or organizations in the fields relating to author affiliations and support declarations.

Their analysis included 13481 unique records, 11014 (82%) authored or funded by alcohol companies and 2488 (18%) authored or funded by other organizations. They also found a steady decline in company author affiliations, since the mid-90s.

The main conclusion is that alcohol companies and related organizations are extensively involved in or supporting scientific research.

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