1/12/2020, Winelivery

How they explain the convenience of the service : “Imagine you just got home tired from work and just wanting to relax with a nice glass of prosecco, maybe with someone you enjoy spending time with. You open the fridge and it is empty, it’s 9 PM, supermarkets and your favourite wine shop are already close or far away from your place. Even if you’re willing to go out and buy some prosecco, once home, you’ll have to refrigerate it before serving any glass… Unless you’re willing to leave your place, you just have to give up your will of a glass of prosecco…

How many times have we happened to stay home with nothing to drink? Since 2016 it no longer happens! Winelivery is easy, handy, fast and cheap: we have no intermediaries, we establish exclusive relationships with producers delivering their products directly to your home… so you save.”


Link to access: https://www.winelivery.com/en 

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