Pandemic-tailored marketing campaigns and stunts

  • Heineken Russia donated meals to health workers along with their energy drink – Solar Power – for doctors and nurses on night shift.
  • In Brazil, brewer Karsten adapted their logo and slogan, to to resemble a pair of lungs – the main site of COVID-19 infection – with the slogan “Good beer is like air: you can’t live without it”. Their marketing encouraged people to consume more alcohol during COVID-19 isolation by through their 3 key tips to survive with Karsten – “isolate, use sanitiser and drink beer for fun”.
  • US beer brand Dos Equis, designed and promoted a Seis Foot Cooler, a 6-Foot ‘Social Distancing Cooler’ and did a give-away to ‘help you drink responsibly’. Again promoting increased alcohol consumption during the pandemic.
  • In India, the beer brand Bira re-marketed their branded facemasks, which were already being produced targeting pollution, ironic considering beer depreciates natural water resources and beer bottles and cans add to pollution. 
  • Budweiser Streetwear Co launched a ‘fashion forward’ and ‘essential’ branded facemask design through their new apparel brand to appeal to Indian millennials. Kingfisher beer was promoted via a set of “Good Times” wallpaper backgrounds for video calls within the “Divided by screens, united by Kingfisher” campaign.
  • In the UK, the Get Wine App was quick to push promotions of rapid alcohol delivery within 30 minutes as lockdown restrictions came into force.

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