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*Binge drinking and booze – this is the stuff those poisonous hip-hop videos are made up of. These and so many alcohol advertisements black youth are exposed to have a pervasive effect on them. A recent report compiled by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has shed some new light on the subject.

According to the Report

An excerpt of the report reads that youth from the African American community are known to receive substantial pressure from alcohol advertisement in magazines and other forms of media. This is due to two reasons: brands that are targeting the youth have more capital for advertisement as opposed to other companies and they have higher control over media.

In Reality

While this report went ahead to prove their hypothesis, there are also studies out there that signify that the Caucasian counterparts of the Black society are more likely to be affected by alcohol adverts. These studies have cited reasons such as religion, social norms, and poverty.

The African American culture has a more conservative view when it comes to drinking and this level of conservativeness is missing from other cultures in the United States. Even an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh was quoted in this research supporting this societal perception of the Black community. She said that Black children generally have a stronger feeling of retention because their parents mostly disapprove of drinking as opposed to European and American parents.

What the Alcohol Industry Has To Say

Insiders from the alcohol Industry have completely refuted the claims in both the above mentioned reports. Frank Coleman, who is the Senior Vice President of the United States Distilled Spirits Council, simply told NBC that the spirits, wine, and beer industry is completely against underage drinking and spends millions every year to fight it.

The Effects of Alcohol on African Americans

It has been found by researchers and psychologists that when the individuals from the Black community do drink, there are some repetitive consequences. These include problems in relationships, legal problems, financial problems, and even unemployment. All these problems are seen in the white community as well, but in lesser numbers as opposed to African Americans.

That being said, we would like the adults to practice responsible drinking habits while keeping an eye out for young drinkers.

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