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Aims The alcohol beverage industry has been expanding its corporate social responsibility and other business activities in sub-Saharan Africa. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the effects of these activities on the physical, economic, psycho- logical and social availability of alcohol in the region. Methods Narrative review. Source materials came from the busi- ness press, industry sources (websites, annual reports, press releases, conference proceedings) and the scientific literature published since 2000. Results The alcohol industry has intensified its activities in the African region, through their funding of social aspect organizations, technical publications, policy workshops and other corporate social responsibility activities. Marketing campaigns, new product designs and the development of industry-civil society partnerships have in- creased. There is evidence that the alcohol industry also engages in lobbying, information dissemination and legal action to thwart effective public health measures. Conclusions The corporate social responsibility activities of the global alcohol industry have provided a vehicle to promote industry-favorable policies and increase the physical, eco- nomic, social and psychological availability of alcohol.

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