In 2017, the European marketing Directive will be revised – the only European legislation in the area of alcohol marketing. EUCAM (European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing) and the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP believe that the Dutch government has to grasp this once in a decade opportunity.

EUCAM and STAP believe that the Dutch government has to grasp this unique opportunity to strengthen the rules on alcoholmarketing, to ensure that the Directive offers better guarantees for protecting youth from the harmful effects of alcohol marketing. Up until now, the Dutch government has taken the position that it favors the liberalization of the current rules on advertising, product placement and sponsoring, which will lead to less protection for youth from alcohol marketing.

For the press release (in Dutch), click here. 
For the Alcohol manifesto (in Dutch), click here.

For an earlier press release that has been published with 40 European health organisations (in English), click here. 
For the declaration “3 steps towards healthier marketing” (in English), click here.


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