Turkey to restrict commercial and private alcohol promotion through social media?The BBC reports that the Turkish government is looking at restricting alcohol advertising through social media and fining violators heavily. In contrast to the new restrictions on alcohol marketing through social media in Finland, Turkey’s policy would affect civilians creating social media content that “suggest advertising for alcohol brands” and not just alcohol companies.

The BBC refers to the Turkish daily Hurriyet describing that penalties could range between 5,000 and 200,000 Turkish Lira (€1.624- €64.962).

According to the same article alcohol companies have massively moved to online promotions, following the 2013 ban on traditional advertising and sponsorship of cultural events. The same bill also restricted the sale of alcohol. The recent restrictions are all part of Prime Minister Erdogan’s campaign against youth drinking.

According to many though, the ruling Justice Development Party is slowly creeping Islamisation into Turkish administration. Among policy changes that reinforces these ideas are the lifting of the headscarf ban in a number of state institutions, as well as a discussed ban on kissing in public. Unrelated to the accusation if Islamisation, last week, Erdogan publically pondered banning Facebook and YouTube altogether, since these Social Network Sites were being used by his opponents to attack him.

Source: BBC.com 03/10/14

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