Finland Introduces Nation-Wide Alcohol Advertising BanEarlier this month the Finnish Parliamentary Social Affairs and Health Committee issued a report to prohibit advertising of mild alcoholic beverages in public places in Finland.

Parliament spokesperson said, the aim is to reduce the situations where children and youth are exposed to alcohol advertising, reports Finnbay.

The Committee proposed that the alcohol advertising should be allowed only at public events and in places such as in ice rinks and concert venues.

The proposal allows alcohol advertising to be carried out in international alcohol fairs; however, there is no mention of domestic fairs as well as EU related/funded fairs.

Alcohol advertising on TV and radio is banned until 22:00. The Committee considers that it is important to reduce exposing alcohol images to the children as much as possible.

In about a month, the Alcohol Act is expected to be updated based on the proposal.

This news item is copied verbatim from our friends at Nordan, the Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network>>

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