Irish Government finalizes Alcohol Strategy: No ban on sports sponsorshipThe Irish Government has postponed their plans to ban alcohol branded sponsorship of sporting events. However, it will proceed with the introduction of a minimum pricing for alcohol.

The feature of the proposed sports sponsorship ban which was due to come into force in 2020 is now uncertain, as the implications for ending alcohol branded sports sponsorship is currently under review by a working group under the Department of the Taoiseach. The working group will report back in 12 months. The aim of this review period is to consider whether or not other means of funding sport have been identified and secured. If this is the case, an outright ban will stay on the table.

To tackle underage drinking, the cabinet has decided on other measures though. The main element of the Irish alcohol strategy is the introduction of minimum prices for alcohol. The new pricing structure will be calculated on the sale price per gram of alcohol.

Besides minimum prices, the Government is going to introduce a time ban of drinks advertising on television during the day and early evening, which is expected to end at 9pm. Additionally, Ireland will soon see a ban on alcohol ads in cinemas during films that are screened for people aged under 18.

Also of note is the inclusion of mandatory health warnings on alcoholic products, as well as a clear statement of the alcohol strength and calorie count.

Source: 10/22/13

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