Author: Avalon de Bruijn
Title: Exposure to online alcohol marketing and adolescents’ binge drinking: A cross-sectional study in four European countries
From: Alcohol Policy in Europe: Evidence from AMPHORA. Barcelona: The AMPHORA Project; 2012. 

The role of alcohol advertising on adolescents drinking is gaining increased attention in academic and policy circles, and, in particular, there is a growing need for evidence-based knowledge on the interactions between online alcohol advertising and adolescent consumption in Europe. This study investigates associations between online alcohol marketing exposure and binge drinking among adolescents in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. Binary and logistic regression analyses were undertaken on crosssectional cross-country survey data from a total of 9032 students with a mean age of 14.05 (SD.82). Exposure to alcohol marketing in online media and television, and ownership of alcohol branded items was estimated together with social influences, demographics as well as media use and onset of binge drinking in the last 30 days was measured as an outcome variable. A higher exposure to online alcohol marketing was found to increase the odds of binge drinking in the last 30 days (p<.001). This effect was found to be consistent in all four countries. Youngsters in the four European countries report being frequently exposed to online alcohol marketing. The association between this exposure and adolescents’.

The full text can be found on page 56 of the freely available in Alcohol Policy in Europe: Evidence from AMPHORA. Barcelona: The AMPHORA Project; 2012.

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