South Korea should implement a comprehensive ban on sports stars advertising alcoholic beverages. According to the Korean Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, such a ban could put a curb on the increasing drink-related problems of the country.


Last Sunday, the Korean Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (KAAP) released a statement, stating it’s concerns over Korean athletes’ appearance in alcohol ads.

The statement is a reaction to one figure in particular, pro figure skater Kim Yu-na. Kim Yu-na has recently starred in beer advertisements, which the KAAP claims influences youth drinking behavior.

The academy states that the 22-year-old Olympic medalist is a role model and that thusly ‘her alcohol advertising should be blamed for teenage binge drinking.’ Shin Young-chul, a senior member of KAAP said: ‘The government should introduce regulations to prevent sports stars from appearing in alcohol advertisements.’

Previously, Kim Yu-na endorsed various products from coffee to air conditioners, but now she also endorses alcohol. Since April, Kim has become the ad model for Beer product from the Hite brewery.

Source: 05/07/12

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