Media owners, sport and event sponsors, industry specialists, members of the entertainment industry as well as the alcohol industry gathered recently in Johannesburg, to discuss and prevent the government’s proposed ban on alcohol marketing. Over a hundred stake holders visited the meeting, to voice their concerns over the negative effects a ban would have on both the advertising and alcohol industry. 

One of the goals of the meeting was to initiate and undersign a petition against the proposed ban. During the following six weeks, the petition will be taken throughout the country for additional support and signatures. After this period, the petition and a ‘detailed document noting the industry’s objectives’ are to be submitted to parliamentary secretary Zingile Dingane.

One of the arguments wielded by opponents of the ban is that a ban on alcohol advertising would have a particularly strong impact on small to medium advertising agencies.

The participants of the Johannesburg meeting believe there is no conclusive evidence pointing out the effect of a ban on alcohol marketing on drinking behavior. Instead they advocate education on responsible drinking through their advertisements.

EUCAM would like to point out that there is enough evidence for best practices (a total ban) concerning the regulation of alcohol marketing and that education is in fact a very ineffective tool to influence drinking behavior.


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