The Dutch municipality of Nijkerk wants to tighten their anti-alcohol policy. Points of sale need to be put under closer scrutiny and alcohol advertisements are to be further restricted. The proposed plans contain such measures as prohibiting any alcohol advertisement that gives more than factual brand information and is only allowed at specific points of sale. If the plans succeed, Nijkerk will be the first municipality in the Netherlands to put into place such strict measures on a local level.


Other proposed measures include the prohibition of alcohol advertisements on municipital billboards, shelters and banners as well as the implementation of these restrictions when renewing contracts with operators of advertising media.

The purpose of the plans is to reduce the alcohol abuse of youths under 24 years of age, while also preventing children under the age of 16 to start drinking. The plans are part of the Action Month Against Alcohol Use by Youths, which started last week in Nijkerk and is supported by a number of schools, churches, sports clubs and other bodies.

The mayor and councilors have drawn up these plans. In October, the town council will vote on the plans.

Source: (09/09/11)

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