A new report by Sponsorships Ideas about the sponsorship activity of the beer industry concludes that nearly 1 billion Euros is spent annually on sponsorship. Interestingly the report makes a point of stating that eye catching sponsor activities, like the sponsoring of premier sports clubs are only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the budgets apparently are spent on activities at the local and regional levels. According to the brewing industry the report is intended as a tool in the debate on alcohol sponsorship.

The brewing industry, according to the report supports a wide range of social activities, including arts, culture, innovation, science and sport. Often this happens even without explicitly referring to the sponsor. The report noted that in Europe 8000 events are annually sponsored by the beer industry. Major sports events represent less than 12 percent of these, while 62 percent would take place at local and regional level. Thus raising the question how prevalent alcohol industry sponsorship really is and how big the influence is throughout Europe on a local, regional and national level.

According to a spokesperson of The Brewers of Europe, “the report shows the social impact of the brewing sector.” He said this on the website BeverageDaily.com where he continued: “Although at the moment there is no legislation in the European Union to restrict or prohibit the sponsorship, this is the subject on the agenda of the European Health Forum. Countries like France, Sweden and Norway have already introduced restrictions. The pressure will undoubtedly be raised, and a possible link between sponsorship and alcohol problems will be brought forward.

The report may be used as an argument in that discussion.” However, it would be used as a invalid argument, for the apparent cultural benefits of sports sponsoring do not outweigh the medical drawbacks. And the examples of France, Sweden and Norway show that a ban on alcohol industry sponsorship is not harmful to the cultural and sports sectors, as shown earlier by STAP, the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy.

Source:  sponsoronline.nl 06/01/11

You can download the full report here>>

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