In their never ending search for new target demographics, spirits producers seem to have followed in the footsteps of beer producers, by associating the drinking of their products with weight loss. Marin institute claims that especially young females are approached by this new form of marketing.

The spearhead of this new trend is a new line of products called ‘Skinnygirl Cocktails’. This name strongly suggests that drinking this low-calorie product will make people lose weight. While the marketing effort of ‘Skinnygirl Cocktails’ deliberately does not make the link between drinking and weight loss explicit, it does not shy away from, as the Marin Institute calls it: ‘exploiting the physical insecurities of American women for financial gain, by encouraging them to buy a product that will do nothing but harm the very thing they worry about most.’ This is illustrated by a celebrity spokes person, who during a toast remarks: ‘Have fun, and don’t get fat and bloated.’

The Marin Institute also reports that the ‘Skinnygirl Cocktails’ product line is very successful, which is underlined by the recent acquisition of the product line for an estimated $120 million. This deal also assures that the celebrity spokesperson, who has her own reality show on American television, stays involved with the product for ‘creative control’.

Source: Marin Institute 04/05/11

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