A recent study based on a 2004 national survey of 2257 children between 11 and 16 in Zambia shows that children beeing exposed to alcohol marketing are more often drunk then those not exposed. The article also shows that education that underscores the dangers of alcohol had no effect on the drinking behaviour of the children. A troubling observation of the author is that many children (30%) reported receiving a free drink from a representative of an alcohol company.

The authors of the article, published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, argue that these findings ‘underscore the importance of restricting alcoholmarketing practices as an important policy strategy for reducing alcohol use and its dire consequences among vulnerable youth.’

Click here to download the article ‘AlcoholMarketing, Drunkenness, and Problem Drinking among Zambian Youth: Findings from the 2004 Global School-Based Student Health Survey’ (Swahn, Ali, Palmier, Sikazwe, Mayeya 2011)

Source: Alcohol Reports.blogspot.com 03/15/11

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