Authors: Renske Koordeman, Doeschka J. Anschutz, Rutger C. M. E. Engels
Title:  Exposure to Alcohol Commercials in Movie Theaters Affects Actual Alcohol Consumption in Young Adult High Weekly Drinkers: An Experimental Study
Journal: The American Journal on Addictions, 20: 285–291, 2011

Abstract: The present pilot study examined the effects of alcohol commercials shown in movie theaters on the alcohol consumption of young adults who see these commercials. A two (alcohol commercials vs. nonalcohol commercials) by two (high weekly alcohol consumption vs. low weekly alcohol consumption) between-participant design was used, in which 184 young adults (age: 16–28 years) were exposed to a movie that was preceded by either alcohol commercials or nonalcohol commercials. Participants’ actual alcohol consumption while watching the movie (“Watchmen”) was examined. An analysis of variance(ANOVA) was conducted to examine the effects of the commercial condition on alcohol consumption. An interaction effect was found between commercial condition and weekly alcohol consumption (p < .001). Alcohol consumption among high weekly alcohol drinkers was higher in the alcohol commercial condition than in the nonalcohol commercial condition, whereas no differences were found in alcohol consumption between commercial conditions among lowweekly alcohol drinkers. No gender differenceswere found in the association between exposure to alcohol commercials, weekly drinking, and alcohol use. Thus, exposure to alcohol commercials prior to a movie in a movie theater can directly influence alcohol consumption among high weekly alcohol consumers. (Am J Addict 2011;20:285–291)

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