Articles on the Impact of Alcohol Marketing Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

r_table_zwart_wit_2   Research design to examine the effects of alcohol marketing Studies on the effect of alcohol advertising and marketing on alcohol consumption in young people can be divided in two main categories: experimental and observational studies. Observational studies can be categorized in three broad categories: longitudinal studies, cross-sectional studies and econometric studies (case-control studies are not used in this area). As we will explain there are ethical difficulties regarding experiments on alcohol advertising and marketing. Econometric studies are often measured at the aggregate level and do not predict individual behaviour. Cross-sectional studies can not establish causality. Consequently, although expensive and complex, thoroughly designed and conducted longitudinal studies are often the best choice of design to examine the effect of exposure to alcohol marketing on drinking behaviour in young people. In addition, a systematic review is a meta-analysis in which multiple research papers are included on the basis of selection criteria and analyzed. Randomized and true experiments Econometric Studies Cross-sectional studies Longitudinal studies Studies on the effects of online/social media interaction with alcohol (branded) content All systematic reviews Below is a complete chronological list of all peer published articles listed on this site: