The Scottish Government’s minimum alcohol price policy is under attack from Europe. The Bulgarian Government has lodged a formal complaint, which may lead to a blocking of the Scottish plans.   The European Commission has been seeking views on the subject from its member states. The Bulgarian complaint means that this reflection period will be Read More →

15 September 2012 Hello and welcome to Talking Alcohol Advertising in Europe, a new biweekly column on the EUCAM website that offers a spotlight to people from all around Europe, who like to tell something about their research on alcohol advertising or describe something special concerning alcohol marketing in their country. To get the ball Read More →

Eurocare, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance, has sent out an open request to public health stakeholders to collect as many alcohol marketing as possible on Friday the 14th of September 2012. The aim of the call is to collect snapshots of alcohol marketing in various European countries.   Eucam is supportive of the action taken Read More →

This February saw Madonna, the queen of pop,  release her new single Give me all your luvin’, the accompanying video clip features product placement by Diageo’s vodka brand Smirnoff. This development means an extension of the existing partnership between the pop star and drinks producer Diageo.   In 2011 the pop diva signed a deal Read More →

The European Commission is currently evaluating the European Alcohol Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm. Eurocare, The European Alcohol Policy Alliance, has published its recommendations on a future EU Alcohol Strategy, covering the period 2013-2020.   One of the main points of the recommendations is that European alcohol consumption by 2020 should Read More →

Vitas Matuzas, Lithuanian Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party, is allegedly suspected of accepting bribes in exchange for drafting three bills. Lithuania’s Special Investigation Service thinks Matuzas was paid to draft the Excise Law, the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention Act as well as the Alcohol Control Law. This last law blocked a Read More →

A Health Committee report has given a mixed, if not critical, verdict on the United Kingdom Government’s Alcohol Strategy published earlier this year. Although supportive of some aspects of the strategy, including the headline announcement of minimum pricing, the report is critical of an excessive focus on binge drinking over health issues and the lack Read More →