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The influence of the beer industry on alcohol policies in Africa
Author: Olivier van Beemen
The role of the alcohol industry in alcohol policy making Symposium Alcohol Policy Network in Europe Ljubljana, 21 November 2016
Heineken in Africa
Based on: – 3 years of journalistic research – 11 countries visited – company archives – academic literature – almost 300 sources within/around the company
Footprint of Heineken in Africa
Operating companies >50% Heineken share
Algeria Tunisia Egypt Sierra Leone Nigeria Ethiopia DR Congo Congo-Brazzaville Rwanda Burundi South-Africa
Alcohol policy in Africa
Nigerian Breweries (Heineken) made a draft for the Nigerian government SABMiller did the same for Lesotho, Malawi, Botswana and Uganda
Emphasis on: – The positive role of beer for society – The importance of the industry in policy formulation and
‘Responsible drinking’
Claim: governments and the industry have the same interest: moderate/responsible drinking
Reality: industry pushes heavy consumption (and abuse) in many different ways.
Pushing heavy drinking
– (Former) managers and sales people admit that it’s all about benefits, even if this causes problems for individuals and society – Big standard size of the bottles (60 – 75 cl) – Sugar added to decrease bitterness – Claim that drinking beer (up to 1.5 litres per day) is good for your health.
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Olivier van Beemen
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