2012-eucam-conference-warsaw-alcohol-marketingOn March 29 and 30 of 2012 EUCAM organized, in cooperation with PARPA, its fourth conference on alcohol marketing in Europe in Warsaw, Poland. The EUCAM contact persons of Public Health NGOs, governmental organizations and research institutes were invited to participate. 

The topic of the training were:

-Alcohol and sport sponsoring
-Training how to monitor alcohol marketing effectively 

Alcohol and sport sponsoring 
In 2012 the UEFA European Football Championship will take place in Poland and Ukraine. This event will be a new opportunity for the alcohol industry to intensify their sponsor and marketing activities. During this training, EUCAM has presented new relevant information about alcohol and sport sponsoring: the impact on youth, an overview of sport sponsorship of top teams in Europe and a discussion with Polish policy makers and politicians. 

Monitoring Alcohol marketing: time for action 
Between 2007 and 2012 several European projects about alcohol marketing took place: The ELSA project (analysis of statutory and non-statutory alcohol marketing regulations all over Europe), FASE project (scientific criteria for effective marketing), the AMMIE project (results of monitoring alcohol marketing in 5 countries, testing of self-regulation and new data about the volume of alcohol marketing). 
Also the first results of AMPHORA (marketing) project (longitudinal study about the impact of alcohol marketing) are ready. In Africa EUCAM implemented an alcohol monitoring project (MAMPA) which made clear how you can monitor with minimal investment in time and money. 

At the training we brought all the results of these projects together and informed and trained the participants about how to monitor effectively. 

A conclusion of all these projects is that it’s time for action to implement alcohol marketing activities in Europe on a larger scale. EUCAM invites all the alcohol NGO’s and the European Youth Organizations to discuss how to extend and to tune the monitoring activities in Europe for the coming years. Monitoring alcohol marketing is an essential tool for policy change. 

Below is a YouTube clip giving a brief overview of the conference and the participants:

Below you can find an overview of the full programme:

Click here to download the full program in a .pdf file>> (116 kB)

Below you can find PDF’s of the presentations that were given during the conference:

Alcohol Marketing Activities in Africa (815 kB)

Alcohol Sport Sponsoring of the Top Teams in Europe (320 kB)

Effects of Alcohol Marketing During European Football Championship (260 kB)

Monitoring the Volume of Exposure to Alcohol Marketing (306 kB)

The Alcohol Diary as a Tool to Monitor Alcohol Marketing Exposure (116 kB)