Health Policy Watch, 26/05/2023 • Kerry Cullinan New global guidelines to tackle non-communicable diseases (NCDs) were finally passed by the World Health Assembly on Friday afternoon after a mammoth day-and-a-half of member states’ inputs. The guidelines update the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Best Buys” published in 2017 and focus on the four key risk factors for NCDs – tobacco, alcohol, Read More →

17th May 2023 | Assoc. Professor Helen Dixon A new study published in BMC Public Health found that counter-advertising exposing and critiquing alcohol sports sponsorship bolstered public support for restrictions on this harmful marketing. Despite the many health benefits of sport, elite sport is awash with booze sponsorship. Whether watching games live or on TV, spectators are Read More →

Alcohol and Drugs Foundation’, Australia; May 16, 2023 Young people are exposed to a lot of alcohol advertisements. In fact, over 40,000 ads per year on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, alone. That’s an issue because alcohol advertising has been linked to young people starting to drink at earlier ages and to binge drinking.  Read More →

RT€ Ireland 14 May 2023 14.40 There has been a call for 0% alcohol products such as beers to have different branding to their alcoholic alternatives. The CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland has said there is a “proliferation of zero-alcohol products” being advertised in settings such as on public transport and that it is in Read More →

Woman’s era; by Himshikha Shukla; May 13, 2023 It was recently revealed that Instagram and Facebook have begun displaying ads targeting young people with high risks of becoming addicted to alcohol, gambling, and junk food. Activists have already launched a program to protect teens and young adults from digital marketing that can cause irreparable damage Read More →

Soberzine, The online magazine celebrating sobriety  by Mark Holmes | Dec 4, 2021 | News, Research In this shocking video excerpt, bestselling author and influential advertising expert Jean Kilbourne explains how alcohol  advertising directly targets minors. “They have to, the younger people are when they start drinking, the greater the risk of addiction. If you start drinking  when you’re fifteen, you’re Read More →

WHO, 2022 This comprehensive report details the full extent of the way that alcohol is being marketed across national borders – often by digital means – and often regardless of the social, economic or cultural environment in receiving countries. It highlights how increasingly sophisticated advertising and promotion techniques, including linking alcohol brands to sports and Read More →