This page contains information on statutory alcohol marketing regulations in Luxembourg (table 1); a description of the restrictions per medium (table 2); labelling information (table 3) and information about the complaints procedure.

The complaints procedure is laid down by the regulation on procedures against an audio or audiovisual media service and by the regulation on procedures concerning admission to public screenings. You can download the PDF version of these documents here: (these documents are currently only available in French). The form that needs to be completed in order to make a complaint can be found using the same link. 

Updated March 2019

Table 1Statutory Alcohol marketing regulations in LuxembourgCoverage
justicebnwStatutory Alcohol marketing regulations in Luxembourg;
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Electronic media. This law implements the AVMSD.
Table 2 Statutory regulations per mediumType of statutory restrictions
TelevisionTVYouth protection policy (Article 4(2) of the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 5 April 2001 setting the rules on advertising in audiovisual media services (last amended: GDR of 17 December 2010) that enshrines these rules. This article provides that “Television advertising and teleshopping for alcoholic beverages shall comply with the following criteria:
(a) it may not be aimed specifically at minors or, in particular, depict minors consuming these beverages;
(b) it shall not link the consumption of alcohol to enhanced physical performance or to driving;
(c) it shall not create the impression that the consumption of alcohol contributes towards social or sexual success;
(d) it shall not claim that alcohol has therapeutic qualities or that it is a stimulant, a sedative or a means of resolving personal conflicts;
(e) it shall not encourage immoderate consumption of alcohol or present abstinence or moderation in a negative light;
(f) it shall not place emphasis on high alcoholic content as being a positive quality of the beverages”.

Content restrictions (Article 4(2) of the Grand-Ducal Regulation, see text above.
Music-Radio-iconRadioYouth protection policy (Article 4 (2) of the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 5 April 2001, see text above
Content restrictions (Article 4 (2) of the Grand Regulation of 5 April 2001), see text above
Outdoor AdvertisingOutdoor marketingNone
Print mediaPrinted mediaNone
OnlineInternet/digital mediaNone
sales promotionsPromotional itemsNone
sponsorship(Sports) sponsorshipNone
Table 3 Labelling informationDescriptionLegally binding or self-regulation
Health warnings:Nopregnancywhite
Ingredients/nutritional informationNo
Table 4 Non-statutory Alcohol marketing regulations in LuxembourgCoverage
Luxembourg has no national system of self-regulation