Authors: Gallopel-Morvan,Spilka, Mutatayi, Rigaud, Lecas & Beck Title: France’s Évin Law on the control of alcohol advertising: content, effectiveness and limitations Journal: Addiction, 2016, 10.1111/add.13431. Abstract: Aims: To assess the effectiveness of the 2015 version of the French Évin Law that was implemented in 1991 with the objective of protecting young people from alcohol advertising. Design: Data were Read More →

Author: Jose M. Martin-Moreno, Meggan E. Harris, Joao Breda, Lars Møller, Jose L. Alfonso-Sanchez and Lydia Gorgojo Title: Enhanced labelling on alcoholic drinks: reviewing the evidence to guide alcohol policy Journal: Eur J Public Health (2013) 23 (6): 1082-1087. Abstract Background: Consumer and public health organizations have called for better labelling on alcoholic drinks. However, there is a Read More →