alcohol portrayal in movies Scientific studies suggest that seeing alcohol in movies makes youngsters drink earlier and drink more extensively. By looking at the volume of product placement in movies and TV programs, alcohol producers seem to be aware of the strong impact of this kind of marketing in films. This EUCAM trend report describes the findings of an inventory of alcohol portrayal in popular cinema movies in 27 European countries. It shows that especially in movies that have been produced in Europe, alcohol is displayed rather often. Even among films aimed at children. Characteristics of this alcohol portrayal are described in the EUCAM trend report. Finally, recommendations for policy are provided.

The full trend report can be downloaded here

impact of alcohol advertising in the cinema While there has been a multitude of research on the various ways and media of alcohol marketing and their effects on young people, research on alcohol marketing in the cinema has only recently taken off. This fact sheet covers the prevalence, range and effects of alcohol marketing in the cinema as proven in recent studies in the Netherlands and the UK.

The impact of alcohol advertisement in cinemas should not be neglected. As a medium for alcohol advertising, cinemas should be taken into account in the discussion of restricting or banning alcohol marketing. The full fact sheet can be downloaded and read here