Social media research

EUCAM research – getting a clear picture of alcohol marketing via social media

Source: Heineken Annual Report 2016

EUCAM would like to conduct a unique, European research into alcohol marketing via social media. The goal is to provide insight in the content of and exposure to alcohol marketing via social media and to verify whether regulations are adhered to.

Do you also want to gain insight in the online alcohol marketing activities in your country, targeted towards young people? Contact us at 



A flyer with more information about this research can be downloaded here. 



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Other research projects 

University of Helsinki Centre for Research on Addiction, Control and Governance, research “Online marketing of alcohol”. Click here for more information.

University of Amsterdam, research “Alcohol and Social Networking Sites”. Click here for more information.

Addiction Switzerland, research online alcohol marketing. Click here for more information. Previous, Addiction Switzerland conducted a research project into advertising and promotion of tobacco products (including websites and social network sites).