This page contains information on statutory alcohol
marketing regulations in Hungary (table 1); a description of the restrictions per medium (table 2); labelling information (table 3); information on non-statutory alcohol marketing regulations (table 4); the complaints procedure; a summary about the Hungarian regulations on alcohol marketing and an exhaustive, downloadable document from the ELSA research project.


Table 1Statutory Alcohol marketing regulations in HungaryCoverage
justicebnwLaw on Economic Advertising ActivityEconomic/commercial advertising of all type of alcoholic beverages
Media Law – Act on radio and tv broadcastClassical advertisement; Indirect advertisement;
all kind of broadcasts of all types of alcoholic beverages.
Table 2 Regulations per mediumType of restrictions
TVTelevisionTo be updated
RadioMusic-Radio-iconTo be updated
Outdoor marketingOutdoor AdvertisingTo be updated
Printed mediaPrint mediaTo be updated
CinemaCinemaTo be updated
Internet/digital mediaOnlineTo be updated
Promotional itemssales promotionsTo be updated
(Sports) sponsorshipsponsorshipTo be updated
Table 3 Labelling informationDescriptionLegally binding or self-regulation  
Health warnings:Nopregnancywhite
Ingredients/nutritional informationNo
Table 4 Non-statutory Alcohol marketing regulations in HungaryCoverage
To be updated.

For more (but older) information on alcohol marketing regulations in Hungary, please take a look at Hungary’s appendix to the 2007 ELSA (Enforcement of national Laws and Self-regulation on advertising and marketing of Alcohol) report.