This page contains information on statutory alcohol marketing regulations
in France (table 1); a description of the restrictions per medium (table 2); labelling information (table 3); information on non-statutory alcohol marketing regulations (table 4); the complaints procedure; and lastly a summary about the French regulations on alcohol marketing, including exhaustive, downloadable documents from the ELSA & FASE research projects.


Table 1Statutory Alcohol marketing regulations in FranceCoverage
justicebnwLOI n° 2005 -102 du 11 février 2005 pour l'égalité des droits et des chances, la participation et la citoyenneté des personnes handicapéesLabelling/pregnancy
LOI HOPITAL PATIENT SANTE TERRITOIRE Titre III Prévention et Santé Publique. n°2009-879. Art. 93-94-96-97(V)Internet/digital media, promotional items and free offer/open bars and sale in petrol station; happy hours; internet; sale to minors. Authorized advertising media: grown-up Print media, radio (time bans), posters, commercial brochures, indications on delivery vehicles, holidays and traditional fairs, [NEW: on-line with the exception of those intended for the youth or published by the sports organizations (and under reserve that the advertising is neither intrusive or interstitial] (Article 97).
Decree of 2 October 2006 concerning the registration details of the message to sanitary character advocating the absence of alcohol consumption by pregnant women on the unit packaging of alcoholic beverages Decree on health warning for pregnant women which is mandatory on every alcohol content
Loi EvinTV, radio, cinema, sponsoring, internet/digital media, outdoor, print, promotional items
The rules that are introduced by above mentioned legislations are now in the Public health code, articles L. 3323-2 and following
Table 2 Statutory regulations per mediumType of statutory restrictions
TVTelevisionTotal ban on alcohol advertising on TV (Loi Evin)
Only product information, no lifestyle advertising (Loi Evin)
RadioMusic-Radio-iconOnly product information, no lifestyle advertising (Loi Evin)
Outdoor marketingOutdoor AdvertisingOnly product information, no lifestyle advertising (Loi Evin)
Printed mediaPrint mediaOnly product information, no lifestyle advertising (Loi Evin)
No advertisement in publications which target minors
CinemaCinemaTotal ban on advertising (Loi Evin)
Internet/digital mediaOnlineAlcohol advertising on the internet was considered prohibited until the law n°2009-879 "Hôpital, Patient, Santé, Territoire" (2009) added online services to the list of permitted media, excluding web sites directed to young people and web sites run by sports organisations, and providing the commercials are not interstitial or intrusive.
Promotional itemssales promotionsExcept within the framework of holidays and declared traditional fairs … or when tastings in order to sale [NEW: it is forbidden to offer free of charge at will alcoholic drinks in a commercial purpose or to sell them all-inclusive price]. No alcohol can be sell in the petrol stations [CHANGE: between 6 pm and 8 am (vs <10pm-6am>)]. It is forbidden to them to sell cooled alcoholic drinks (Article 94 LOI HOPITAL PATIENT SANTE TERRITOIRE)
If retailers propose alcoholic drinks at a reduced price during a restricted period (happy hours), [NEW: he also has to propose them at a reduced price to non alcoholic drinks] (Article 96 LOI HOPITAL PATIENT SANTE TERRITOIRE)
The sale of alcoholic drinks [NEW: to the minors is forbidden (vs 16 years), as well as their offer for free to minors in bars and any markets or public places] (Article 97 LOI HOPITAL PATIENT SANTE TERRITOIRE)
(Sports) sponsorshipsponsorshipAll kind of sponsoring which results in an advertising for alcohol is forbidden, and not only in sports.
Table 3 Labelling informationDescriptionLegally binding or self-regulation  
Health warnings:All the units of packaging of alcoholic drinks mention, in the conditions fixed by order of the minister of health and social security, a sanitary message with sanitary recommending no alcohol consumption by the pregnant women (Article 5 LOI n° 2005-102 du 11 février 2005)
Order of 2/10/20007. Message: " the consumption of alcoholic drinks during the pregnancy, even in small amounts can seriously damage the child's health " or a pictogram.
Legally binding (Article L. 3323-4 of the Public health code, the health warning has been a statutory obligation since the Evin law (1991)pregnancywhite
Every alcohol advertisings must contain a health warning : alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
Ingredients/nutritional informationNo
Table 4 Self-regulations on Alcohol marketing in FranceCoverage
Code Ethique des Brasseurs (Brewers Code of Pratice)Marketing and advertising of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. (ban on tv
and cinema advertising)
Code d’autodiscipline et de déontologie en matière de communication et de
commercialisation des boissons alcoolisées (Self Regulation Code on Communication and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages)
Advertising and marketing (ban on tv and cinema advertising)
The authority for professionnal regulation of advertising (ARPP) Its rules on alcohol advertising complete the mandatory ones with further requirements, details and exemples. Those rules are not binding but the ARPP can declare an advertising not compatible with its requirements (the Public health code) and ask for its modification or removal.

The following document contains an in depth (but older) overview of alcohol marketing regulations in France: alcohol-marketing-regulations-France.pdf

For even more (but older) information on alcohol marketing regulations in France, please take a look at France’s appendix to the 2007 ELSA (Enforcement of national Laws and Self-regulation on advertising and marketing of Alcohol) report.