Czech Republic

This page contains information on statutory alcohol marketing
regulations in the Czech Republic (table 1); a description of the
restrictions per medium (table 2); labelling information (table 3); information on non-statutory alcohol marketing regulations the complaints procedure (table 4);
the complaints procedure; and lastly a summary about the Czech regulations on alcohol marketing, including exhaustive, downloadable documents from the ELSA & FASE research projects.


Table 1Statutory Alcohol marketing regulations in Czech RepublicCoverage
justicebnwLaw No. 138/2002 Coll., on regulation of advertising, providing TV and radio broadcastingTV, radio, cinema, internet/digital media, outdoor, print
Act No. 40/1995 Coll., on the Regulation of AdvertisementCommercials for alcoholic beverages
Act. No 379/2005 Coll. On protection against harm done by tobacco products,
alcohol and other addictive substances
Alcoholic beverages
Law 132/2010 Coll. on Audiovisual Media Services on Demand Act that implements the AVMSD: Audiovisual commercial communications for alcoholic beverages shall not be aimed at minors and may not encourage immoderate consumption of such beverages.
Table 2 Statutory regulations per mediumType of statutory restrictions
TVTelevisionAdvertising must not encourage irresponsible consumption, must not depict violent, aggressive, or anti-social behaviour and must not depict persons that may appear intoxicated, nor shall it suggest that intoxication is acceptable.
Youth protection policy: Advertising for alcoholic beverages, including beer, must not be aimed at persons under 18 years of age (article 3.1 The Code of Advertising practice), must not be broadcasted before, during, or immediately after TV and radio shows for children (article 3.2 The Code of Advertising practice) and advertising must not promote alcoholic beverages in media, radio and TV programmes or during events where more than 30 percent of the target audience is known to be minors (article 3.3 The Code of Advertising practice)
Subliminal messaging prohibited
Content restrictions in relation to driving, hazardous activity and health aspects
RadioMusic-Radio-iconYouth protection policy
Content restrictions
Outdoor marketingOutdoor AdvertisingNone
Printed mediaPrint mediaNone
Internet/digital mediaOnlineNone
Promotional itemssales promotionsNone
(Sports) sponsorshipsponsorshipNone
Table 3 Labelling informationDescriptionLegally binding or self-regulation  
Health warnings:Nopregnancywhite
Ingredients/nutritional informationNo
Table 4 Non-statutory Alcohol marketing regulations in the Czech RepublicCoverage
The Code of Advertising practiceTV, radio, cinema, sponsoring, internet/digital media, outdoor, print