A message to the European Sponsorship Agency (ESA): In its statement of June 20th, ESA –the European Sponsorship Agency- stated that they are not aware of ‘any research that shows that young people are adversely affected by alcohol advertising; while they may be aware of it, it does not influence their drinking patterns’. In this Read More →

Immediate changes to the way alcohol is advertised, backed up by a complete ban on advertising at all sporting, cultural and music events, are needed to protect children and young people from excessive exposure to alcohol advertising, according to the charity, Alcohol Concern. In a major new report, Stick to the Facts, the charity claims Read More →

Alcohol advertising encourages heavy drinking and puts people in danger of contracting HIV through risky sexual behaviour, said Savera Kalideen last week. She spoke on behalf of NGO Soul City, at the 6th South African Aids Conference in Durban. In her presentation, Kalideen voiced her support for Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s call for a ban Read More →

Later this week professor Christine Griffin of the University of Bath’s Department of Psychology will call for tighter regulations for alcohol marketing on social network sites at a London conference on Alcohol and Drug regulation. Professor Griffin worked with academics from Massey University in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand researching how 18 – 25 year Read More →

Earlier this month, the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) issued a ruling that allows alcohol producers to voluntarily add “Serving Facts” labels to their products. Alcohol Justice, the American alcohol industry watchdog, critically reports on this, saying that ‘it’s a win-win for manufacturers: they gain a marketing tool; inch potentially harmful Read More →

Adverts promoting alcohol brands could finally face legal restrictions in the United Kingdom after Ofcom (the government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting industry) said it requires advertising regulators to review the rules that limit their exposure to children. The request follows an Ofcom report which shows that the number of alcohol adverts children Read More →

The Turkish government has prepared a draft law that would ban alcohol advertising. Officials describe the initiative as an effort to protect children. However, critics argue it could undermine the separation of state and religion. Recently a bill was sent to parliament which, besides banning alcohol marketing, would also prohibit alcohol producers from sponsoring events Read More →