Adverts promoting alcohol brands could finally face legal restrictions in the United Kingdom after Ofcom (the government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting industry) said it requires advertising regulators to review the rules that limit their exposure to children. The request follows an Ofcom report which shows that the number of alcohol adverts children Read More →

The Turkish government has prepared a draft law that would ban alcohol advertising. Officials describe the initiative as an effort to protect children. However, critics argue it could undermine the separation of state and religion. Recently a bill was sent to parliament which, besides banning alcohol marketing, would also prohibit alcohol producers from sponsoring events Read More →

British newspaper The Independent reports that ‘street drinker event’ have dropped with 49 per cent, after the sale of super-strength alcohol was banned in the town of Ipswich. The results come from a voluntary program which was launched six months ago by the local police and retail chain Co-op.   The ‘Reducing the Strength’ campaign Read More →