The United States Federal Trade Commission is currently examining underage exposure to online alcohol marketing, reports REUTERS. The FTC review will lead to recommendations to the alcohol industry on how to better protect minors from exposure to their marketing.   As reported earlier in April of 2012, the FTC is extensively looking into digital alcohol Read More →

A Finnish group of retail lobbyists are trying to have advertising regulations relaxed in their sector. The retailers want the same regulations as pubs, clubs and restaurants. This would in effect mean the option for limited period promotions offering money off for those buying large quantities.   Finland based businesses in the hospitality industry are Read More →

2 January 2013 On the first October of 2012 I attended a meeting held at the Eurocare office in Brussels. This was a meeting organized by EUCAM with the purpose of developing a collective strategy on alcohol marketing, to be shared and implemented by NGOs and health organizations through Europe. The meeting was attended by Read More →

20 December 2012 In this installment of our guest written blog ‘Talking Alcohol Advertising’ Ella Sjödin of Sweden’s IOGT-NTO, shares her thoughts on the current status of the prohibition on televised alcohol marketing in Sweden. “Even though there is a clear prohibition against alcohol advertising on radio and TV in Sweden I daily see alcohol Read More →

Today alcohol advertising is broadcasted on several Swedish TV channels even though there is a clear prohibition against alcohol advertising on radio and TV. By broadcasting from the UK, TV channels, so far, have managed to circumvent Swedish legislation. In 2011, IOGT-NTO filed a complaint against these broadcasts to the Swedish Broadcasting Authority (SBA), which Read More →

A recent report by social media Research Company Socialbakers analysing Facebook pages with more than 10,000 fans, found that the alcohol branch creates the most user engagement, closely followed by automotive related companies.   The report explains that the success of a page on Facebook largely depends on the quality in content. Facebook uses an Read More →