A Multinational Unleashed Author: Olivier van Beemen Publisher: Hurst, London Heineken in Africa. A Multinational Unleashed is expected to be published in February 2019 at Hurst Publishers (Catalogue here, pre-order here). It is a critical case study about the business practices of the Dutch brewer in Africa. The revelations in the book have led to parliamentary Read More →

Sunday, December 23, 2018 at 05:30PM By Barry Janoff  Nysportsjournalism.com; December 23, 2018: What happens when you put NBA(National Basketball Association) players in a Budweiser commercial? You get a message to “drink water.” Budweiser has been an official sponsor of MLB (Major League Baseball) since 1980 and a sponsor of the NBA since 1998.  This year, Read More →

Trinidad and Tobago, 18 dec. 2018 THE EDITOR: The most revolting ads on television are those that glorify the drinking of rum, whisky and other alcoholic beverages. Such advertising is prevalent during prime time, especially the 7 pm newscasts, when many minors may be watching. The ravages of alcohol are well known and well documented. Read More →

Julia Stafford, Hannah Pierce; Curtin University Australia The Conversation; 16 December 2018  Australia is kicking off another summer of cricket. And if watching the series is a family affair, you may be concerned with the alcohol advertisements your children are being exposed to. An extensive body of research shows exposure to alcohol advertising negatively impacts the Read More →

  The Spirits Business 11th December, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers A complaint has been filed against Diageo alleging more than 1,700 alcohol ads for Cîroc vodka were posted on Instagram by ‘influencers’ who failed to openly disclose their connection to the brand. A pre-2018 Instagram post by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs featuring Cîroc (Image courtesy: TINA.org) Read More →

Mirage News, November 26, 2018 The alcohol industry’s code of conduct does not adequately protect young people from exposure to alcohol marketing, University of Sydney research reveals. In a new paper, Dr Belinda Reeve of Sydney Law School and the Charles Perkins Centre calls for greater government intervention to ensure the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Read More →

By Tim Chambers and Louise Signal; November 22nd 2018 “Marketing plays a critical role in the globalization of patterns of alcohol use among young people, and reflects the revolution that is occurring in marketing in general” —The World Health Organization (WHO) Alcohol is linked to over 200 medical conditions, causes a number of cancers and Read More →

Dan Mushens reacts to the Scottish Government’s plans to restrict alcohol advertising; 23 November 2018 Tobacco and nicotine are usually considered as equivalents but it seems tobacco advertising is more firmly censured than alcohol is. We’re not even allowed to look at a box of cigarettes in shops these days and when we do catch Read More →