September 19, 2018 Nijole Gostautaite Midttun Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition The good news is that Lithuania has lost the dubious first place as a country consuming most alcohol per capita to Moldova. This particular achievement had not received much attention, even though number one rank earlier has inspired accusations of deliberate tarnishing the Read More →

  A study conducted by Katherina Robaina, Katherine Brown, Thomas F. Babor and Jonathan Noel, titled “Alcohol industry actions to reduce harmful drinking in Europe: public health or public relations? critically evaluated the CSR activities of the alcohol industry in the EU, including large campaigns conducted in numerous countries across the region, such as “Champions Drink Responsibly”, as Read More →

WHO 13-09-2018 The international medical journal The Lancet published a study showing that any level of alcohol consumption, regardless of the amount, leads to loss of healthy life. “The results confirm that alcohol consumption is a major avoidable risk factor for noncommunicable diseases such as liver cirrhosis, some cancers and cardiovascular diseases, as well as Read More →

by European Public Health Alliance | Sep 3, 2018 Food, Drink and Agriculture | Analysis & Opinion, Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) By Alexandra Kaczmarek, Eurocare There is a casual relationship between the harmful use of alcohol and heart diseases, cancers, liver diseases, mental health disorders and other noncommunicable conditions. Approximately 5.9% of all deaths worldwide Read More →

The Herald; 5th September 2018 Martin Williams @MWilliamsHT Senior News Reporter Ten Scottish Gin Society adverts have been banned by the regulator for linking alcohol with sexual success and for encouraging excessive drinking. The Advertising Standards Authority said the action over Facebook posts by the organisation founded two years ago by Stephen White, co-owner of Read More →