Sadhbh O’Sullivan; Last Updated 2 March 2020 ;   In January of this year, Müller launched its newest yoghurts as part of the ‘Light’ range: gin & tonic and pink gin & elderflower. Despite being practically alcohol-free (pots containing less than 0.5%), the product launch became, momentarily, a focal point for the debate about the Read More →

Study developed a framework to show causality between tobacco advertising and youth smoking and applied it to alcohol advertising Telangana Today; 02-03-2020 Washington DC: It is common knowledge that advertisements impact peoples’ purchasing decisions to a significant degree. A new study exposed the vulnerability of youth towards developing a drinking habit due to the influence Read More →

David Jernigan & Craig S. Ross   Objective: The purpose of this study is to inform public health efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm by describing the alcohol marketing landscape. We review the size, structure, and strategies of both the U.S. national and global alcohol industries and their principal marketing activities and expenditures and provide Read More →

By Paul Candon,  PISCATAWAY, NJ – The marketing of alcoholic beverages is one cause of underage drinking, public health experts conclude. Because of this, countries should abandon what are often piecemeal and voluntary codes to restrict alcohol marketing and construct government-enforced laws designed to limit alcohol-marketing exposure and message appeal to youth. These conclusions stem Read More →

Forbes; Peter Suciu; Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own; Social Media New research has found that social media could be sending out positive messaging about alcohol use – and that increased use of social media by just one hour a day resulted in an a 0.45 unit upsurge in the frequency of alcohol consumption Read More →

Wed, Feb 5 • Source:  1 NEWS                                         There’s room for improvement in how alcohol is sold in New Zealand’s supermarkets, including potentially moving wine and beer away from busy areas, Victoria University research suggests. It’s been 31 years since wine and beer were first permitted for sale in New Zealand’s supermarkets and at the Read More →

Alcohol marketing on social media is surging, but weak age restrictions are leading to calls for a ban The Wall Street Journal, By Saabira Chaudhuri; Feb. 2, 2020  Health concerns are sparking restrictions on advertising alcohol on billboards and television, but on social media—which transcends national borders—lax age controls and the use of influencers make Read More →

Frontiers in Psychology, 22 January 2020 Hanneke Hendriks1*, Danii Wilmsen1, Wim van Dalen2,3 and Winifred A. Gebhardt4 1Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands (photo) 2Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP, Utrecht, Netherlands 3European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing, Utrecht, Netherlands 4Institute of Psychology, Health, Medical and Neuropsychology Unit, Leiden University, Leiden, Read More →