Mirage News, November 26, 2018 The alcohol industry’s code of conduct does not adequately protect young people from exposure to alcohol marketing, University of Sydney research reveals. In a new paper, Dr Belinda Reeve of Sydney Law School and the Charles Perkins Centre calls for greater government intervention to ensure the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Read More →

By Tim Chambers and Louise Signal; November 22nd 2018 “Marketing plays a critical role in the globalization of patterns of alcohol use among young people, and reflects the revolution that is occurring in marketing in general” —The World Health Organization (WHO) Alcohol is linked to over 200 medical conditions, causes a number of cancers and Read More →

Dan Mushens reacts to the Scottish Government’s plans to restrict alcohol advertising; 23 November 2018 Tobacco and nicotine are usually considered as equivalents but it seems tobacco advertising is more firmly censured than alcohol is. We’re not even allowed to look at a box of cigarettes in shops these days and when we do catch Read More →

  8th November 2018 by philcain UK health minister Matt Hancock said in parliament this week that we ought to follow his example and “drink responsibly”, as part of a contentious wider plan to use the idea of personal responsibility to ward off health problems. Responsible drinking is the long-time boilerplate of alcohol producers used Read More →

Curtin University, Australia, Friday 9 November Regulations introduced to restrict the placement of alcohol advertising are unlikely to reduce young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing in Australia, new research led by Curtin University has found. The research, published in the Drug and Alcohol Review journal, critically reviewed the placement rules added to the industry-run Alcohol Read More →

MBN Market Business News By Veronica Cruz, November 6, 2018 3:25 pm The alcohol industry’s health campaigns strengthen their own commercial interests, a new study has found. Their social responsibility schemes fail to reduce harmful alcohol use, say researchers from the University of Connecticut. The researchers, from the US, UK, Argentina, and Brazil, wrote about Read More →

State’s first health-related alcohol legislation will restrict cinema and outdoor advertising The Irish Times , 5 November 2018 Marie O’Halloran The bill will see detailed labelling on alcohol products with ingredients, energy density (calories) and health warnings about the link between alcohol and cancer and other diseases. Alcohol advertising will be banned within 200 metres Read More →