Alcohol Policy UK, Monday, May 20, 2019 In this guest post, Nathan Critchlow, a researcher at the Institute for Social Marketing, discusses findings from recent research on alcohol marketing exposure and drinking amongst young people, and the UK policy context. Until recently, research exploring how much alcohol marketing young people in the UK see has Read More →

The UK’s advertising watchdogs are “ready and prepared” to clamp down on alcohol brands that sell their drinks to young consumers by suggesting they will be happier, more confident, or successful, a panel of marketing experts has warned. 16th May, 2019 by Edith Hancock                                 Amy Powell, client relationships manager at PromoVeritas, a marketing compliance Read More →

IOGT International, 30 April 2019 The Association Nationale de Prevention en Alcoologie et Adictiologie (ANPAA) recently released a report on the alcohol industry lobbying practices in France. The ANPAA, a long-time partner of IOGT International in curbing Big Alcohol interference, reports that at the heart of alcohol industry lobbying initiatives is a strategy to position Read More →

Coca-Cola’s Signature Mixers range marks the first time the brand has expanded into the alcohol space and taps into the growing premium mixer market. By Molly Fleming 2 May 2019   Coca-Cola is launching its first premium mixers under the Coke brand as it looks to expand into growing premium mixer market. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers features Read More →

Leslie Gevirtz, 1 May 2019 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio banned wine, beer and spirits advertisements on most city-owned property with an executive order that went into immediate effect on Tuesday. The ban will include bus shelters, newsstands and LinkNYC Wi-Fi kiosks. Existing ads will remain until their current contracts expire, and they Read More →

DIGITAL ALCOHOL MARKETING IN THE SPOTLIGHT The impact on drinking behaviour of young people and the first attempts to regulate it. Amsterdam, Thursday September 19th 2019 Program: Morning session: The message of science 9.00: Welcome by the chair Dr. Rob Bovens, Tranzo, Tilburg School of Social and            Behavioral Sciences of Tilburg University, the Netherlands Read More →

Monash University, 29 April 2019 Repeated exposure to alcohol advertising in sport – either at venues or during media coverage of matches – can have long-term effects on drinking attitudes, according to a new international study. Researchers from the Parisien Laboratory of Social Psychology, the University Grenoble of Alpes (France) and Monash University found a Read More →

A total ban on alcohol advertising is necessary to ensure public health. Researchers from the University of Gent state this in a new study commissioned by the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO). In Belgium, the so-called “Covenant on Advertising and Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages” must unite the “public health” and “economy” interests. The Jury for Ethical Read More →