Do you know the EUCAM alcohol Monitoring App? 

Influence existing alcohol marketing policies in your country by systematically monitoring what is

  • Ask (young) people to support youknipsel3
  • The EUCAM Monitoring App makes monitoring alcohol marketing easy and effective
  • Monitoring is the tool to successfully map marketing
    practices of the alcohol industry

However, successful monitoring is challenging: due to the high volume of printed and broadcasted ads (via radio, TV, social media), comprehensive monitoring costs NGO’s and agencies too much time and money. EUCAM introduced a new method: directly measuring exposure by using the EUCAM Monitoring App. This App enables (young) volunteers to monitor and capture with their smartphones alcohol marketing they encounter. The App can be used both for protocolled outdoor monitoring and end-user driven monitoring.

The App can be used both for protocolized outdoor monitoring and end-user driven monitoring. EUCAM has extensive experience with protocolized outdoor monitoring in a designated area during a designated time:

In 2016, the App has been piloted in Galway with end-user driven monitoring: users monitored marketing wherever they went and reported this through a ‘diary’.

The collected data automatically shows up on a geographical map. The App collects
background information and details about the monitored alcohol advertisements. The role
of EUCAM could be:

  • Train NGO’s and/or (young) volunteers in using the App.
  • Process the collected data into a monitoring report or a scientific article.
  • Setting up a rating procedure that enables the assessment of the collected alcohol marketing
    advertisements by (young) people and/or professionals. This procedure is aimed at
    establishing, as objectively a possible, whether statutory regulations and/or self-regulations
    have been violated.

Depending on your specific request, EUCAM will prepare a research protocol and a
quotation. Please contact for more information, to try out the App or
to discuss the opportunities for cooperation.

Download the flyer for the App via this link. 

Download a more detailed information brochure via this link.