southafrica ANCs draft bill promising to ban alcohol advertising in South Africa may be crossed through after intensive lobbying by the alcohol industry. Instead the political party is now calling for stricter regulations on alcohol outlets. South African newspaper The Saturday Star reports that the alcohol industry’s protests against ANCs plans did not fall on deaf ears. “If the draft bill proceeds in its current form it is inevitable that there will be devastating consequences for the sport and recreation sector,” say the policy discussion documents that have been published in preparation of the national general council in October. These documents now propose to convert a draft law aiming to curb the negative effects of alcohol on the South African society, into a financial bill. These altered plans would see the introduction of a 2.5 percent levy that will support health promotion campaigns, sport, arts and culture as well as educational programmes relating to the dangers of alcohol abuse. Alternatively discussed is the option of allocating government funds towards sports organizations which may be faced with a loss of revenue when alcohol producers are no longer allowed to sponsor them. Saturday Sun 08/22/15   See also: SOUTH AFRICA: ALCOHOL AD BAN DELAYED AGAIN 01/11/14 SOUTH AFRICA: DRAFT BILL BANNING ALCOHOL ADVERTISING APPROVED 09/23/13 SOUTH AFRICA: MINISTERS CLASH OVER PROPOSED BAN ON ALCOHOL ADVERTISING 08/27/13 SOUTH AFRICA: PLANS FOR ALCOHOL ADVERTISEMENT BAN STILL ON 11/19/2012 SOUTH AFRICAN AD INDUSTRY TO FIGHT PROPOSED BAN ON ALCOHOL MARKETING 10/09/2011 SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT DEDICATED TO FURTHER RESTRICTIONS ON ALCOHOL MARKETING 07/06/2011 SOUTH AFRICA: TO BAN OR NOT TO BAN? 04/26/2011
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