Irish public broadcaster RTE recently aired a program dedicated about the current critical uproar about drinks producer Diageo funding the public health campaign 'Stop out-of-control-Drinking.' The above video gives an introduction to these current events, followed by a discussion between Fergus Finlay, Barnardos CEO and chair of Stop Out Of Control Drinking campaign, and Senator Jillian VanturnHout, a children's rights campaigner who's published an open letter criticizing Diageos involvement in the campaign, undersigned by more then 50 individuals and organizations in the health sector. See also: Campaigner admits 'gap in credibility over funding from Diageo', the Independent (03/20/15) Alcohol giants are part of the problem - not the solution, the Independent (03/19/15) Varadkar urged to make his position clear on alcohol awareness campaign, Irish Examinar (03/18/15) Former tobacco lobby group hired by Diageo anti-alcohol campaign, the Independent (03/10/15)
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